Day one at the orphanage!

Y’all didn’t think I’d post another, did you? Especially if you know my track record, but this time it wasn’t me, it was the computer. There must have been a malfunction when I downloaded the vpn on my laptop because it doesn’t work, so my wonderful roomie, Tatiana, has been the sweetest, and let me use her computer. Okay, Saturday night I didn’t post because of pure exhaustion. It was like, I sat down on my bed with my phone to contact my family *falls asleep* tries to read a couple pages of a book *falls asleep* thinks about writing a post *falls asleep* thinks about getting ready for bed *falls asleep* So that was on me, but if you saw my post on Facebook I hope you understood why… we spend the day at the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China! Yeah, you heard right. climbed the Great Wall!! It was hard but absolutely worth it.  I hope you’re friends with me on Facebook, because that’s where I’m posting all my pictures from my phone. The sight was breathtaking!!

Though I’m gonna be real… the morning I just had nothing compares to. This Monday morning began our time at the orphanage. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s like I walked into the room with all the kids and everything feels right again. I love it. I love being here. I love the curious faces on the children when you first walk in, that turn into lit up faces when you touch their cheek or speak softly to them. I don’t know how many times today where I said “you’re such a sweet baby” or “you’re such a cutiepie” and the look they get when they realize you’re talking directly to them… (though of course they probably have no idea what I’m saying). We spent almost three hours, I want to say? Time just passed way to fast in there.

We’re about to head back to the orphanage for the afternoon. They provided us with a delicious lunch and then we came back to the hotel for a little break, during which I think the kids get naps or something of the sort. This time, we get to take pictures! So keep an eye out on my Facebook because I’m pretty sure I can post them.

Catch up with y’all later!!

— Anna 🙂


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