There is a team in China THIS VERY SECOND!

Hey y’all!! So I know I promised a girl in yellow post and there is a post like that nearly completely written but then there’s a team in China right this very second and is probably at the orphanage this very second and I’m so very excited so I’m going to talk about that instead today.

This is the team I was originally signed up for but I wasn’t able to make the deadline due to saving up for and of my time off work for the surgery I had in July. This team is so utterly perfect for this job though. I’m in their Facebook group and I’m so happy I get notifications on my phone every time they post! There are a couple new faces in the pictures they are posting, but a ton of familiar ones too! Like a picture of a girl in the velvet dress popped up today and I nearly cried from happiness.

blogger-image-150684169 love2

(first one from my first trip, second from the July team’s trip!)

I’m so happy there are so much more pictures of her! The one picture from my trip was barely allowed, but I kept pressing. I spent so much time with her at the orphanage and she has such a sweet heart. She loved her rocking horse and gave tight hugs. She literally flung herself into my arms when I first arrived in her room! I had no idea what to do so I sat on the floor and hugged her… I knew right away she liked hugs. I can’t wait to see her again!

There’s also quite a bit of new photos of this sweet boy too! In each of the new pictures, you can tell his excitement hasn’t left him and he’s just as loving as ever. (I wish I could post those photos but to respect the kids and the orphanage I can’t!) He’s so full of life and has the brightest smile and the happiest laugh!


Oh how my heart longs to be there! I’ve been overcome by flashbacks all week… on Tuesdays, I work at a childcare and yesterday the memories were so strong! And they just randomly pop up while I’m checking someone in at the gym or putting food in the oven at Starbucks. There is an ache in my chest for them. Right at this very moment!

But my trip will be here soon enough. Thing’s are going so much smoother and there isn’t as much pressure for money with my three jobs. Though I will admit to being stressed out working 5 days a week, and atleast three of those days are 15-17 hour days. Please keep me in your prayers, that my sanity will stay in tact!

I’ll post the well-thought, long prepared blog soon. I was trying to write it and add pictures in the little windows of time I had off (that wasn’t spent accidentally sleeping on the couch) and I finished the writing… I was just having issues with pictures and if I couldn’t get them to work, then I’d have to rewrite certain parts. I’ve given myself a little mini vacation to stay home in my Olaf pajamas, blast music, and post it for you guys this weekend! (and to sleep past 5am and to get home before 11:30pm) so it’s definitely coming.

A little update on fundraising… I’m nearly at my first goal! I’m just $145 from $2,200, and if everybody on my team can get the $2,200 in before November 30th, we will save a ton on airfare! So please pray that I can make that deadline, for I’m hoping the money saved will then be used to benefit the orphanage in some way! Like last year, extra money was used to buy a new computer, supplies for the children, lullaby sleep aids, and things like that.

I’ll talk about it more in the next post, but I’m working on a fundraiser for Christmas, I hope.

So stay tuned!!

— Anna 🙂


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