“When my world is shaking, heaven stands, when my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands…”


“When my world is shaking, heaven stands, when my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands…”
– Your Hands, JJ Heller

Hello guys!!

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged… I’m not doing real good at this, am I? But it’s been mostly because I had surgery on my ankle in July and I missed a lot of work. I’m trying to catch back up again. For those of you who don’t know, I have a bone disorder called osteochondromas. To sum it up, I get bone tumors throughout my body. Generally benign but they like to grow so big they hit nerves or neighboring bones, causing extreme pain and sometimes distorting the area its grown in. This was my third surgery on my ankle… for whatever reason, they really like it there. God willing, it’s the last.

But these past couple of weeks have had China heavily on my mind. I’ve just been thinking a lot about my parents. How they’ve supported me and loved me throughout all these surgeries, even though it hasn’t been easy, and how I want to show these children the same love and support my parents give me. A lot of the kids at the orphanage have disabilities similar to mine. Some have had surgeries to repair things as well, some are going through a lot of physical therapy to do things like walk. It’s not easy being the child going through this; there is a physical and emotional toll, nor is it easy to be the caregiver, but my parents have been perfect at this (#randomparentappreciation) and I want to give hope to these kids just like they give me. Not just hope about someone loving them, but also hope that there is a Savior that loves them as well.

Last time when I went to China, I didn’t know what to expect on how sharing the gospel will go, but we were asked questions and it was something people there were curious about. We even met a Christian family during one of our outings! And I remember on a car ride, we had a personal conversation with our guide about it. Before we left, we had an amazing opportunity to give a Bible to her. The night before we had highlighted special verses for her to read. She was excited about the Bible, but said it wasn’t something she was interested in right now, but maybe later. She’s been in my prayers as I’ve been thinking about what our guide for the upcoming trip will be like! Please pray we’ll have the opportunity again with her, and also for the staff at the orphanage. I’m taking an online Mandarin class through the library so I hope I can communicate better when I return!

However the only way I can return is if I get all the money, and there’s a deadline I need to meet where I have half the money so we can book flights now and get the best deal. That deadline is this Monday, September 14th. If I don’t make it, I can’t go. I’ve recently gotten two more jobs, in addition to Starbucks, to help with the cost of it, but it was done two weeks too late. My first payday September 18th, the Friday after the deadline! I’ve currently have $950, but I need $2200 total. So $1250. In four days. Or I won’t be going.

I’m freaking out.

So again, I’m asking for prayer for this, and if you would like to donate, just go here: http://www.awaa.org/StorytellerMissions/donate.aspx and follow the instructions. Any donation amount would help so much! But I’m also trying to come to the realization that I might not be returning. This thought is completely breaking my heart (sorry to the guys I burst in tears in front of my first night of work at American Family Fitness—I’m not crazy, I promise! And thanks for being incredibly sweet and just smiling nicely at me), but I know whatever happens will be in God’s plan. And it might be His plan to pull a miracle and provide me with $1250 by September 14th, or it might be His plan to have me do something else those two weeks in November. I don’t know which one it will be, but I’m praying it’s the China route.

Thank you guys so much for keeping me in your prayers and donating! Every little bit helps so much!!

– Anna 🙂

PS. Come say hi to me at the front desk at American Family Fitness Wednesday 3-11pm and some Saturdays! And you can also see me doing childcare for Classical Conversations on Tuesdays. But as ever, five (sometimes six) mornings a week, you can find me at Starbucks!

PPS. Another blog post soon because THERE IS NEW PHOTOS OF THE GIRL IN YELLOW AND THE GIRL IN THE VELVET DRESS. In July, another Storyteller team went to the orphanage and they were allowed to take photos of them! Quite different from last time when I asked if I could have pictures of the kids in the room I was in. They let us take the three girls to another room that was filled with toys for a little bit and allowed us to take one picture of them. Now we have tons!!! It’s almost been a year since I’ve seen them and they’re so beautiful. They’re looking so old. I really really cannot wait to see them again!!

love2 love3

** photos by my team leader Lara Wade **


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